Exactly One Year Ago, I Set Out On A Mission to Teach Millions How to Get Uncomfortable. Today, I Explain How I Did It!

When folks say 'how they did something' I get really skeptical because I know there's some bullshit heading my way in minutes. Here is how I took an idea "getting uncomfortable" and made it a business. I love telling people how I did it because they too can do something similar to it. .. they can take things - duplicate and innovate. But it would be missing one thing... ME.

I no longer FEAR being copy catted. Shit, nothing is original anyway but you can make YOURS unique. There's nothing original about the saying "getting out of your comfort zone" - every book I read in personal development has a chapter, paragraph, sentence or even the whole damn book on how one needs to get uncomfortable.

My uniqueness is in my delivery and energy and character. This cannot be duplicated. Many try to duplicate my energy and they are left wondering who, what, where, when and why.

This is how I did it.

I needed to get uncomfortable in my own damn life before I killed myself or worse, became a statistic. I was heavily addicted to gambling as you may know or not know and I was living my life on a cycle to doom. In debt and outta control.

I decided to test myself for 1 year. Many don't want to commit to a month, much less an entire year of self mastery, discipline and action. Action is how I did it really. I didn't care about nothing else but applying massive action into the internet space via articles, videos, tweets,  etc. etc.

I spoke to anyone that would listen. Matter a fact, I gave out my calendar link FREELY. Some people still have it by the way. They log time with me every now and then.


I then turned my new addiction to action into a concept and characteristic, a quality that I can associate to other people - I created, The Comfort Killers. It wasn't too long before people started to actually read what I was writing, listen to the podcast I was publishing and became part of the company by supporting my journey.

It wasn't long after til others wanted to invest, and take part on the business side to which I had no idea how to create. I just wanted an outlet to stay on course and to hold myself accountable. That's how The Comfort Killers was born - my accountability partner.

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About the Author

I am Stacy A. Cross and there is no 'E' in my name - I've been dispensing indestructible energy since 1981.

I am the founder and co-owner of The Comfort Killers and The Comfort Killers Academy.

I love creating. I love meeting and helping people and showing them how to create miracles in their lives as well. I believe in humanity and the collective consciousness. I believe in business, commerce and the market.

I trust in the universe and shares with me the wonders within myself.

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