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FROM: Stacy A. Cross
TO: Those looking to improve their lives
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Hello, my name is Stacy A. Cross, founder of The Comfort Killers and The Comfort Killers Academy and I want you to be a part of it all! 

The bottom line is your friends suck, your job sucks, your environment suck and life is just not where you want it to be at this very moment. Don't be so hard on yourself.  There's good news. We can help. 

The Comfort Killers Academy is an amazing resource for you, the individual that wants to create massive momentum in order to change the course of your life, achieve your goals and/or raise your level of awareness. All this can be achieved by joining our online Academy. 

The Comfort Killers Academy will also benefit you if you are STUCK, getting the same results year after year.  We've all been there. Up and down like a rollercoaster, dizzy from all the confusion and doubt and getting nowhere fast. That cycle ends today!

I challenge you to join our Academy and be part of an ever growing community of individuals that care about personal growth and success. Once a member, you will be given access to many tools: videos, training, webinar, audio, eBooks + our monthly mastermind calls featuring entrepreneurs, thought leaders and experts from all around the world. 

I know you can make a difference in this lifetime - I know you want to leave a legacy behind. Now is the time to take action and invest in your development.

You don't have to live within the lines of comfort to experience a magical life the next time or when you go to heaven .. LIVE NOW.

You've already invested a great amount of time in others by making sure they have what they need, the kids are fed and happy, the boss is satisfied and the family has what they need. We now need to ensure WE are GOOD! Why? Because it is your DUTY and birthright to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. 

My personal duty is to provide you with life-changing information that will help you achieve your goals. 

Waiting for you on the other side,

CEO and Founder 


P.S. - Limited Time Offer: If you join right now I am going to give you $355.00 in BONUSES for FREE!

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  1. 21 Actionable Affirmations Ebook and Audio Program ($197.00 Value) - FREE
  2. The Ultimate Mastermind Pack Audio Program ($99.00 Value) - FREE
  3. 3 Simple Secrets For Mindset Success Ebook ($59.00 Value) - FREE


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