Meet My Mentor: Get In The Game with Lenny Bazemore

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Developer, Business Owner and Artist

Lenny was my landlord in 2014 when I moved to Philadelphia... He is now my mentor and trusted advisor. What struck me about Lenny Bazemore when I first moved to Philadelphia was his humbleness and positive vibes with everyone in the community. I watched as he made his way up and down Main Street, Manayunk and greeted almost everyone he passed. People seemed to have a lot of respect for him.

I wrote about Lenny in my book, The Comfort Killers - Your Journey to Success : How to Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have , in chapter 9 - Get Uncomfortable. It was about changing the way you move and speak. I learned a lot just observing Lenny in 2014 and in that same year I asked him to be my mentor.

I want you to meet and speak with Lenny too who will transcend to be your mentor during the phone conference. - bring all your questions to him because he is the type of guy to give you practical, usable and deep answers.

You will be able to learn more about Real Estate Investing, Developing, Business Development and Mindset. You will also be able to ask specific questions about your area of interest that will help you navigate life and business.

Join us on our private conference call - to keep quality #1, spaces will be limited.

  • Got Questions About Real Estate?

    Lenny Bazemore is a professional real estate developer, investor and is a Licensed Realtor in Pennsylvania. Use this opportunity to ask Lenny direct questions about Real Estate! 

  • Got Questions About Starting, Running or Growing a Business?

    Lenny Bazemore owned and operated: The Bazemore Gallery (art gallery), The Juice Merchant (a healthy juice bar), Pet Friendly Dog Bakery and has ran businesses both online and offline. Use this opportunity to ask Lenny questions about Entrepreneurship!

  • Got Questions About Growth, Spirituality, Mindset?

    Lenny’s nickname is ZenLen. I am personally awed by his humility, ethics, and self-discovery and improvement techniques. Use this opportunity to ask ZenLen about anything that furthers your Personal Power!

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