An Alternative Approach For Gambling Addiction..... Without Meetings or Meds!

How To Permanently Eliminate Your Gambling Addiction And Take Back Control Of Your Life! How to Stop the Worry, Stress, and Pain Caused By Long-Term Compulsive Gambling

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If You Tried Quitting Numerous Times Before And Failed....I Know Exactly How You Feel!

I've been in your shoes.

I've felt the pressure of feeling like something needs to change or else you're never going to get your life back.

I've felt the frustration that comes from not knowing what to do or where to start.

If that sounds like you, this might be the most important letter you've ever read.

I Have The Secret Ingredient To Overcoming Gambling Addiction

I was addicted for 9 years.

It started as a hobby. Something I tagged along for. Having  fun and drinks in front of slots. Then.....I got a taste of a small win! Immediately, I wanted more. I was never satisfied. I just wanted to relive the feeling of the first time.

9 years later I was still trying to find that feeling....... It was too late. I became a compulsive gambler.

My relationships took a turn for the worse

I put off family functions, missed birthdays, missed graduations to put another dollar in the slot machine. I've lost countless hours of sleep, my eating habit was poor and my overall health, deteriorating.

I lost myself, my relationship was in the shits, my finances were torn, my spirituality was broken and I became emotionally unstable.

I thought to myself: How The F&*K Did This Happen To Me?

I thought no one would ever find out. I thought I was able to hide my addiction but It got harder and harder to sweep under the rug.

I started to research more about my addiction ONLY after I lost huge amounts or during periods of depression.

I found that:

-Approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling.

-Gambling can be in many forms (casino slots and table games, sports betting, electronic games, lottery tickets, bingo, raffle tickets, and other card games just to name a few)

-People with pathological gambling behavior often consider suicide and some of them often attempt it!

Finally I became sick and tired.

Are you sick and tired?

I was totally in the slumps with BAD credit, no money, a visible problem, a broken relationship and low self-esteem.

I took what I now call "The 3 C's Of Change" and turned my life around INSTANTLY!

I did it without Gambler's Anonymous

I did without using anti-depressants 

I did it without relapsing

I INSTANTLY redirected my addiction and found my passion again.  I completely redirected my gambling addiction and created a better life for myself and my family.

It is this system that I will teach you TODAY!

I finally learned how to BEAT  addiction. I finally understood the way I would dominate ADDICTION by changing my perspective and view point.

I finally was in CONTROL.

I can look back now and see two totally different people.

The person I am not is full of energy, and passion!

And in contrast,

The person before who was full of anxiety, negative emotions and out of control:

I was the person that lied, and manipulated others for more money to go bet with.

I was the person who was restless and at any given moment with any amount of money, would end right back in the casino.

I was the person that lost opportunities for educational and career growth due to gambling because I chose to spend countless hours pouring fuel to the fire of my addiction.

I was the person that lost all my self respect, integrity and  dignity due to gambling.

......My System Makes Cold Turkey Taste GOOD!

I teach the 3 C's Of Change / The 4 Step Process to Living a Successful Life

....You will learn about each of the processes in your complimentary video!

Here's what I gained back since redirecting my addiction!

-I got back hours in my day...everyday. I spent more time with my partner, nieces and nephews, friends and family. I didn't feel stressed or obligated anymore. A HUGE weight was off my shoulders

- The best part was, I was able to SAVE a whole lot of $$$. Once you realize how much money was wasted daily, weekly and monthly towards your addiction. You realize how much more you have to SAVE to rebuild your wounded bank account. (It's going to take time ...but it's well worth it)

-Self respect and integrity. You can rest assure that you will have your trust back again. You will have power and authority over your life and others will notice how confidence you are getting. Your family will begin to trust you again once they see how well you are improving on my program!

This Is NOT For Everybody! (Only Those Ready To Quit Today)

  • A person ready to BET on his/herself

  • A person who is ready to gain CONTROL

  • A person who is ready to gain FREEDOM

  • An individual that wants his/her LIFE BACK

  • A person that wants to know what PASSION, LOVE and JOY feels like again

  • A person that wants their TIME back

Stacy A. Cross - Creator & Speaker

Stacy A. Cross broke the mold when she overcame a 9 year gambling addiction and regained her life back. Her personal experiences could have defined her negatively, but instead she conquered seemingly insurmountable odds and harnessed her energy into helping others rise above their struggles.

Stacy is a modern-day warrior. She battles for faulty beliefs systems to be rewired to victory. From the least to the greatest trials, Stacy has been there and she has learned how to turn adversity into opportunity.

Stacy navigates her coaching techniques from a strong personal foundation and exhibits a natural gift and talent to call people's best potential forward.

Recently, Stacy finally found herself catapulted into the journey of a motivational and inspirational speaker... spurred on by sorrow and trials. There was no turning back for this woman. She, like many others, had settled for status quo. But when the ship started rocking too heavily, rather than falling out she stepped out on the rail to a hold of something greater than mediocrity.

With a heart of gratitude and love, Stacy serves her clients through negative situations and circumstances using the power that is already within. Stacy's alternative approach and style not only brings the best out of a person but allows them to continue living in such a way, their energy brings the best out of the people in their own environment.

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