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James Flanagan James Flanagan, Attorney, Army

"I can attest to the fact that Stacy lives daily the principles she preaches to her ever-growing number of “Comfort Killers.” I have worked with many passionate leaders and dedicated individuals.  I have not met someone more driven in sharing the techniques of personal development than Stacy Cross. "

Jenny King Jenny King, Elite Business Coach

"Sometimes you come across people you know are going to change the world. The Comfort Killers, Stacy A. Cross with no E in her name and her amazing team are those people"

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New Book Reveals: How To Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have!

Stacy A. Cross shares with readers how to use their power within to turn their life from scarcity to abundance.....Challenge the status quo using techniques and methods that are easily adopted and outlined in this book.

In the book, Stacy A. Cross provides you with practical steps on how you can go from broke, lazy and uninspired to making a lasting positive change and gaining the energy and momentum that is required to start a business or make a difference in the world.

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In this Book You Will Discover How To...

  • Shift Your Mindset

    Everything begins with mindset and there are techniques shared in this book that SWITCHED a negative and scarcity mindset into a beautifully abundant and positive mindset

  • Reprogram Your Subconscious

    No matter how hard you are fighting and pushing against the old self you created. You will always struggle if you do not confront the beliefs and programs already within.

  • Take Massive Action

    We’ve read the books that taught us how to THINK, THINK and THINK some more. Nothing comes to a person who is JUST a positive thinker. I show you how to take massive action!

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About The Author

Stacy A. Cross is an author, entrepreneur and founder of The Comfort Killers LLC, offering performance and personal development tools for individuals aiming to achieve optimal health, wealth and happiness in their lives.

Stacy A. Cross teaches that in order to gain everything you want - you have to get uncomfortable. She believes in humanity and shares that everyone is powerful and can achieve anything they desire when they let go of the person they no longer want to be.

In the book, The Comfort Killers - Your Journey To Success ; How to Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have, Stacy A. Cross, teaches the exact formula she used to overcome a 9-year gambling addiction, start a business and work with top influencers such as NY Times best-selling author Grant Cardone, Original Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank and Founder of ‘As seen on TV products’, Kevin Harrington, Marketing Genius, Billy Shaw Gene and Business Coach, Gordon Bizar.

Stacy A. Cross went on to produce over 300+ articles, host a show on Grant Cardone TV, film and produce 4 documentaries, and create a following of over 11,000 people who love her energy and philosophy.

Stacy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to grow themselves and achieve more health, wealth and happiness.

Pre-Order NowReceive Signed Copy + Audiobook

** Official Release March 26, 2018  / Official Audiobook Release April 3, 2018 **