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We film, produce and curate high quality videos for the resilient entrepreneur and individual that is focused on growth in business and self improvement. New videos are added every month!

What is The Comfort Killers Academy?

We provide REAL content for REAL individuals looking for REAL results


    Be part of an elite group of entrepreneurs and individuals that refuse to settle in life. We are high achievers that understands the 3 pillars of success – Wealth, Health and Happiness. 


    Get access to high valued video content via interviews, training, mastermind and much more. We film, produce, and curate the best videos through collaboration! 


    Access our ever growing data bank of documents, PDFs and eBooks specifically designed to bring you the REALEST information. We’ve scoured the globe to bring you these SECRET files.


    Each month we host a 2 hour long mastermind featuring some of the top entrepreneurs and individuals crushing their industry and life. We also open up the floor to our members for in-depth Q&As


    After a few months of membership – members should expect to receive gifts and goodies shipped directly to their home. T-shirts, wristbands, postcards, journals and much more while supplies last

  • MUCH MORE ...

    There’s so much goodness packed inside our Academy it will take us half of this page to list out. From whiteboard sessions to live cold calling to motivational content – your best bet is taking a look inside!


Stacy A. Cross and Grant Cardone, NY Times Best Selling Author, Founder of Cardone Technologies and Cardone Aquisition

Stacy A. Cross and Kevin Harrington, founder of As Seen On TV / The Original Shark

Stacy A. Cross and Gloria Mayfield Banks, Internationally Renowned Motivational Success Strategist and Sales Trainer


We are dedicated to those:

  • Experiences outside of their comfort zones
  • Self-Reliant
  • Knows how to think intuitively - using intuition
  • Constantly in development mode
  • Not a victim
  • Always ready for the challenge
  • Works on themselves daily
  • Creates more than he/she consumes


How I Turned a Gambling Addiction Into a Personal Fortune!

Nine years addiction taught me more about life than nine years of college. In the video above you got to see a daily journey I took trying to find a shortcut to success. - I finally realized on Feb, 14 2016 - that the only shortcut is total concentration and effort on  ONE thing you desire out of life. I was in debt and in need of some motivation!


As far as motivation was concerned, I found through inspirational videos, meditation, binaural sounds and loads and loads of affirmations. I wanted to change my mindset quickly. I later found out that motivation wasn't enough. Discipline is required.


Shortly after, I noticed that I was getting uncomfortable. I was in a state that contributed to growth and as time passed, I was unable to recognize my old self. I wondered if it was teachable. 


I read books, I watched webinars, I was swimming in personal development and self improvement. It felt right! It felt true. Then I unraveled more of THE SECRET.


I know that there are information hoarders out there...selling bullshit and expecting top $$$. I uncovered a few on my journey. That is why I only provide quality and part of my CORE value is giving everything back to which it came from. Feed the world knowledge that propels them ... not make them confused or stagnant. 


On this journey, I talk to leaders, entrepreneurs, enlightened and spiritual beings, soldiers, politicians, pastors, millionaires, authors, artists, athletes, work at home moms and much more to bring you the TRUTH about what to do to move your business forward and what to do to move your entire life forward. 


I am not here to try to CHANGE you, you have your own journey to focus on...that's why I specifically target those that are well on their journey and not unmotivated, stuck or broken. Those folks might just need to stay there a bit longer before they can reach our level - superior in mind, action and achievement. 


If you are here - we are attracted to each other. It probably means YOU are addicted. Addicted to success. Addicted to staying uncomfortable and winning at life. It means you are a COMFORT KILLER!


I set out on a path to bring you valuable content through collaboration and universal focus. Information through interviews, masterminds, videos and text. There's no telling who I will be working with next.....


Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross


Join Now Just For $1!

Get An Inside Look of The Comfort Killers Academy For 3 Days For Just a Buck!

We film, produce and curate high quality videos for the resilient entrepreneur and individual that is focused on growth in business and self improvement.  New videos are added every month!

The No Bluff, Video Stuff

Here's What To Expect to Learn From Our Ever Growing Video Content Inside CKA

  • Real Estate Investing & Property Management
  • E-Commerce and Online Businesses
  • Finances (Personal & Business)
  • Business Acquisition & Strategic Aggregation
  • Website Development - WordPress, Wix, - Templates, Themes
  • Digital Marketing - Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, YouTube Ads ....
  • No Back-Pat Motivation - Get a burst of energy when needed
  • Mindset - Change your views and perception
  • And Much More....


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top asked questions - We want you to be well-informed

Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?

After your 3-day trial, The Comfort Killers Academy is billed monthly.  Your credit card will immediately be charged $37 on the same day each month. You can keep your membership as long as you'd like and cancel anytime!

Is there a long-term commitment?

No.. You can cancel your membership @ anytime - No hard feelings =)

What happens after I purchase my 3-day trial membership?

You will have instant access to The Repository + Forums

Can I buy with PayPal?

No. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

How often is new content released?

We strive to bring you fresh video content monthly! We drop new documents in our Repository as we get them.

Will you ever close membership?

Yes. Periodically we will not offer new membership.

Can members contribute?

Yes. We expect greatness from our CKA members and we have an open source style of building our brand and company. We will feature members throughout the year as well as accept suggestions on what content they would like more of.