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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top asked questions - We want you to be well-informed

Is my membership free for life? 

You will always have access to level-0 of The Comfort Killers Academy and certain parts of The Comfort Killers Freedom System. This is our lifetime guarantee.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No.. You can cancel your free membership @ anytime - No hard feelings =)

Does this FREE membership come with weekly calls with Stacy. 

No. This is a free gold membership. You will have to upgrade your membership to be eligible for calls, masterminds and group coaching with Stacy A. Cross

How often is new content released?

All content you have access to is already completed to current and is a part of your lifetime membership within our growing community. Updates to the platform will be added 3-4 times in the year.

Will you ever close membership?

Yes. Periodically we will not offer new membership.

Is the academy separate of the Facebook group?

Yes. The Facebook group is controlled and lives within the Facebook environment. The Comfort Killers Academy and Platform is controlled and distributed by us.